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ALS Scan keeps you in the world of babes who are young but also love shaving their bush and giving you a clear sight of the prize! These babes have been shaving and sexing for some time now and the site has grown from the humble beginnings it started from. They now seem to have a relationship going on with the MET Art network, which is not bad since this is one quality network. The simple redesign that they did has given them a new edgy look that we really like. The material that they bring has maintained its no-hair policy so that hasn’t changed. Let’s see what more can they offer, and whether the “all shaved ladies” really are “all shaved!”

These guys have been producing consistently for the last decade and a half. So, when it comes to the big question of the amount of material that they can offer, you don’t have to worry about thing! They started out with daily updates inside their site and they have generally maintained this schedule. Nowadays they have 1700+ picture galleries and 1200+ videos inside. That also includes daily updates so the number is going to go up! As we said earlier, they redesigned. That means a fresher feel that looks younger, chic!

The content and the site design are not the only good things inside. The quality of the ALS Scan production is also something we looked at and found to be greatly improved. They have definitely moved up the ladder and now pack some awesome videos that are HD 1080p resolution quality. You can bet that these videos of shaved pussies are going to show you those lips and hardcore sex in full color and unbeatable quality. Now, the picture sets are also well produced. They have inside the galleries pics hitting 5000 pixel resolution quality. Nice! You have 3 sizes when it comes to pics. You choose the size you desire, than download it using the appropriate zip file. Simple, fast, easy! For the videos, you get formats like mp4, divx, wmv, and you can stream the material.

The site has advanced searching features inside. The thing they are attempting to do is to make your experience of searching for material much more smoother. What we can say is that it works. You will have features and sorting tools. Older material inside may disappoint a little with its standard and lower quality, but, they look to not only be committed to fully shaved smuts, but to also giving you high quality HD material with all their recent additions.

ALS Scan has a ton of shaved gals, hardcore action, quality productions, impressive design, and layout that all add up and give it some serious points on our judging scale! They are a top notch, no-hair niche porn providers that you cannot pass up. This is one of these sites you join and stay a member for a long time since they satisfy all your needs, check them out!

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